Guardian Pharmacy — Asian Skin Care Products Haul!!

Hey hey everyone, how was your week? Lucky for me, the past week was actually quite pleasant and I even had time to do some quick shopping.

For those who don’t know, Guardian Pharmacy is one of the biggest pharmacy in Malaysia that caters huge range of of different drug store brands. Normally, my first choice is always Watson’s but this month, a lot of products that I want are on sales in Guardian, and I went there twice.

Now I think I probably won’t have to buy any skin care products in the next 6 months, especially facial cleansers.

The first thing I bought was Bio-essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen Whitening Series.


All of the products are only MYR 165. I know it sounds a little expensive but it’s actually way cheaper than buying them separately. As you can see from the photo, it contains a facial cleanser, whitening advancer, whitening essence, whitening cream and 2 sheets of whitening mask.

Last Christmas I bought their beginner set that includes a travel size facial cleanser, full size whitening advancer and full size whitening cream, and I’ve been using the whitening advancer since this year’s February. At first I thought it was some kind of serum or essence but turns out it’s actually a toner. I was fooled by the gel-like texture!!


And 3 products from Garnier Sakura White Series. I love their moisturizer!!! It’s affordable, effective and most importantly, it feels very comfortable when it’s applied on my face. While the Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum is something I’ve been wanting to try since it was launched. All of the products got 30% off, so the moisturizers are less than MYR 20 each, and the serum is less than MYR 30.


And this is how it looks like. I must say I’m a little disappointed by the plastic bottle. However, I am looking forward to seeing the result.


I am a big fans of Neutrogena Facial Cleanser, but i’ve never tried the facial scrub. I always try to avoid using facial scrub because a lot of people tell me that it could hurt my skin. But when I went to Benefit Boutique in KLCC in January, one of the girls told me that facial scrub helps cleaning pores, eliminating blackheads and she suggested POREfessional to cover up those pores and blackhead. Well, it’s true that POREfessional does an excellent job at covering pores, but it’s not a remedy. So, when I saw Neutrogena on sales in Guardian and a free hydrating mask was given at every purchase of facial scrub, I was sold!


Hada Labo is like the number one brand in Japan, according to the Japanese Magazine I read in the bookstore. I always recommend my friends to try Hada Labo because of all the good reviews I’ve read online as well as magazines, and I’ve seen significant changes of people after using the product. It’s slightly on the expensive side, compared to all the other drugstore products, which is why I always hesitated buying one for myself. But this time, the facial cleanser, including the hydrating toner are only MYR 35++ !!!


Last but not least, Pomegranate Milky Mask by O’slee.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about O’slee, the only reason I was so convinced to buy it was solely because of the packaging ๐Ÿ˜› Don’t judge!!

According to the search result from Google, O’slee is the number one skin care brand in Hong Kong and it is highly recommended by the beauty community in Hong Kong. Their brand concept is Smart. Natural. Beauty. They aim for every woman to experience the natural skin care benefits. There are currently 4 series available in Malaysia, including ClearSpa Complete Series, Medi Care Series, Rosehip Series and Skin Meal Series. And right now, I am very interested in the Skin Meal Series.


In short, the milky mask is everything I want for my skin in one bottle!


The milky mask comes with a mini spatula and a cleansing sponge.

I am looking forward to trying this new product and see whether it’s as awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Penang one-day shopping trip HAUL!!!!

Last Friday, a very good friend and I, together with my younger brother finally went to Penang for a quick shopping trip. Our original goal was to shop as many as we can in Gurney Paragon, but we decided to visit First Avenue as well.

Therefore, this is not a Penang Island travel guide, because as much as I wish I had time to enjoy myself on the beach, or take photos at every single mural done by the talented Ernest Zacharevic, or the CAT MURAL I’ve been wanting to see since last year, I just did not have enough time. The next trip shall not be just one day, I will definitely make it at least a two day thing.

If you followed me on Instagram, you probably would have seen this photo.


As you can tell, I only went to H&M, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Cotton On and Padini. It was not a super crazy shopping trip, due to the fairly tight budget, and time constraint.


I honestly thought I would buy skirts, dresses, or blouses, but I bought loafers instead. I like the pointy toes and also the nautical stripes. It’s casual, comfortable and cute, and I just had to buy them. Plus, it’s only MYR 49.90.

20150307_125858Hair elastics which are also from H&M. I guess the reason I bought them was that they reminded me of the rabbit ears wire headband that was such a hit a few years ago. I think I still have one in my wardrobe, but I just stopped wearing it since my second year in college. If I’ve not mistaken, it’s somewhere around MYR 14.90 for one.

20150307_130350I always wanted to get a dry shampoo, for one of those days when I don’t feel like washing my hair, but I just have to or else it will get super oily and disgusting. It’s summer everyday here in Malaysia. I was about to get Batiste dry shampoo, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I was thrilled to see one in Victoria’s Secret. I know it’s more expensive than Batiste (it’s MYR 70++ and Batiste is only MYR 30), but you will understand if you watched VS Fashion Show. All of them have fabulous and sexy hair, though my hair is no longer long and wavy but it’s just hard to resist. This was not on sales, but there was this buy any 3 hair products for MYR 121, and my friend bought one total volume shampoo and one dry shampoo. In other words, I only paid MYR 40. There was also this buy one free one promotion on some selected makeup palettes, but we were actually hoping to see some lingeries, but unfortunately, all of the VS stores in Malaysia are more like beauty, body and accessories store. I guess anyone wants to get sexy lingerie will visit La Senza, or better off, Agent Provocateur!!!

20150307_124732Bunny tote bag by Cotton On

FYI, I hadn’t bought anything from Cotton On for 2 years. It just feels like they keep recycling the old designs, and most of their dresses and skirts are too short for me. I don’t know about you but I’m not into the business of exposing my butt to the public. So, when I saw Cotton On in First Avenue, I was like “Yeah, let’s just go in for a few minutes before we leave.”, without any intention of buying anything. Just when I was about to leave the store, I saw a few canvas tote bags at the cash counter.


The bunny one is only MYR 6 while this one is MYR 8. I know that they are not exactly very fashionable, but they are cute! And I think they are perfect for grocery shopping or a very casual day out with friends at the cafe nearby.



I saw this cat t-shirt in when I was looking for my brother in Padini. People who know me would know that I will only shop in Padini during sales. Not only are the clothes in Padini totally overpriced, most of the clothes are also low-quality.



ย And for some reason, it feels like Padini is like the “uniform” for college students. I remember during my first year in college, there was this girl in my class wore Padini to college almost every single day. A weeks later, I found out that her pants were also from Padini. But I can’t judge her because soon after H&M launched their first flagship store in KL, H&M sort of became my “college uniform”. Both of the T-shirts I bought were on sales, only MYR 15 each.


Benefit Porefect Couple

Sephora is definitely one of my favorite shopping places. It caters a lot of my favorite makeup and skincare brands, and most importantly, they always have awesome promotions. What’s not to love about Sephora?

I have to say, the staff in Sephora Gurney Paragon are way helpful and friendly than those in Sephora Avenue K. I went to Avenue K in January and I was ignored the whole time because they were busy touching up their makeup and complaining to each other about dry skin and oily hair.

Anyway, I mentioned in my last post that POREfessional is like the perfect primer for the oily T-zone and minimizing pores. So, I went to Sephora planning to get the actual size POREfessional and I found the “Porefect Couple”! It’s the same price as the actual size POREfessional, but you will get a deluxe sample of Total Moisture together with an actual size POREfessional, how cool is that?

At first glance, I mistaken Total Moisture as It’s Potent, and guess what, the sales assistant thought it was It’s Potent too, and she told me it was very good at reducing fine lines and dark circles. I came home only realized that it was actually Total Moisture.



I love the packaging, but a friend of mine said it looked like a coffin and the Spy Gal is lying inside of the coffin-like packaging. Now I feel like I should buy Agent Zero Shine as well, just like how I always want to buy They’re Real Push Up liner to pair with They’re Real Mascara, and also the itch to collect all of the tints.


Did I tell you that Sephora is doing this promotion where if you purchased up to MYR 180, including skin care products, and you are a white card member then they will give you a Skin Care Survival Pack. So, since Porefect Couple was MYR 120, I was thinking of getting more cosmetics but I couldn’t make up my mind, so my brother decided to buy Sephora’s Soothing Cleansing Milk and my friend bought herself a Lip Butter. My friend took facial scrub and facial cleanser, my brother took all the Biotherm samples and I only wanted the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover gel. I can tell you right now that the remover gel anf the cleansing milk are both very effective and comfortable to use. I’m starting to regret for not getting one for myself.

And before I left Penang, I did manage to go to the Benefit Boutique located in Gurney Plaza and I got my eyebrow waxed again. Contrary to my first Brow Bar experience in KLCC, this time was not exactly pleasant. The Brow Expect in Penang was not very friendly and he didn’t talk much, while the Brow Expert, Stephanie in KLCC was really friendly and we talked a lot. I guess this is one of the many differences between female and male. Guys are generally not that talkative, while we girls, just like to talk.

I am hoping that I could have a trip to Penang before the end of March, because Big Bad Wolf book sales is happening right now in Penang, and there are also some products I wish to purchase in Sephora.

Have you tried Benefit newly launched Roller Lash? If you did, please leave a comment below and tell what you think. I tried it once in Sephora and I thought the result was really cool, but not as dramatic as They’re Real.

Au Revoir!

Lunar New Year + Benefit Haul & Review!!!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!!!!

Today is the third day of Lunar New Year and I finally get to spend some quality time alone at home. I actually wished I could sleep through my Lunar New Year holidays because things were crazily hectic in the office and I was craving holidays.

I am very glad that I’ve finally gotten myself a new laptop and now I can start learning photo and video editing.


The family photo taken at my grandma’s on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Now, my personal favourite from the reunion dinner on the New Year’s eve.


For some reason I actually like this photo though I’m not sure where was I looking at.

I am really thankful that I did not get questions like “How much do you earn?”, “When is your turn to introduce us your boyfriend?”, etc

I finally splurged on Benefit Cosmetics and I tried most of the products I have in the past few days and I must say, I am very satisfied and they definitely worth every penny.

20150221_140237From left to right: They’re Real Mascara, Brow Zings and Benetint

These 3 has become my must-have products, especially Brow Zings. It makes my eyebrows look thicker and bolder. If you followed me on Instagram, you probably would’ve noticed the difference.


Fun-Size Flirts

I bought Brow Zings and They’re Real mascara during my recent trip to KL and because my friend bought Sweet Tintations, so I was entitled to a free brow wax service at Benefit Brow Bar in KLCC. On top of that, I was also given 2 deluxe samples.


Lollitint & Bigger Than BB Big Easy Foundation

I remember there was a makeup pouch but I gave it to my friend. It felt like I was spending a lot of money but now I actually wish I spent more, because the products are all amazing!


Fun-Size Flirts included 10 of Benefit’s top selling products, which are ย Instant Come back Serum, That Gal brightening face primer, Porefessional Pro balm, Stay Don’t Stray, Sunbeam, Ooh La Lift, Posietint, They’re Real mascara, Bad Gal mascara and Dandelion face powder.

Even though they are all in deluxe sample size/ travel size and I thought buying the set was a foolish idea, I changed my mind. The truth is that we don’t actually use a lot of the products when we do our makeups, because a little goes a long way. Plus, for a Benefit newbie like I am, I want to try as many products as I can before I commit to a full size product.

Here are my opinions after using some of the products for almost a week.

Instant Come Back Serum: It has a very lightweight gel-like consistency. I love how it instantly hydrates and energizes my skin, especially after a long day at work and my skin can be really dry and dull, but this product just instantly changes everything.

That Gal Brightening Face Primer:ย It is described as a silky pink primer that takes complexion from dull to darling, blend it on for a smoother and brighter skin. It does brighten up my skin tone and improves the texture and complexion of my skin. But I think what I love the most about it is that it has a sweet yet subtle raspberry scent. It kind of improves my mood as well XD

The POREfessional PRO Balm: It says it’s a pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores and helps to improve skin’s texture. I applied it on my oily T-zone and guess what, it lasted for an entire day. It didn’t actually hide all the pores but it did minimize them, and skin was silky smooth after applying the balm.

Ooh La Lift: A legendary under-eye brightening boost looks like an instant eyelift. I applied it to my under-eye areas and it sort of brightened the areas, but it didn’t completely conceal the dark circles. It sort of worked, but it’s not really legendary.

Posietint: Frankly speaking, I didn’t like Posietint when I saw the commercial on YouTube, because I thought pink cheeks and pink lips were really mainstream. But after I tried the product, I must say Posietint is nothing short of awesome!! I applied it on my cheeks and also lips in the morning, and then I travelled to my grandma’s, bear in mind that the weather was very hot and humid but it stained on my cheeks and lips for one whole day. This is definitely going onto my shopping list.

Dandelion Face Powder: It is described as a ballerina pink pressed-highlighting powder. I think it is good for both warm skin tone and cool skin tone. I think it has some micro shimmer in it, it didn’t actually highlight my cheekbones, but it gave a very beautiful and feminine flush.


Did I tell you that I had been dreaming of owning one since high school? But obviously it was too expensive for a high school student to purchase. And did you know that Benetint was invented because an exotic dancer requested the founders of Benefit something that could liven up her nipples with a touch of color and last all night through long performances?

At first glance, Benetint looks a lot like a nail polish because of its packaging. But it is actually a rose-hued cheek and lip tint that used to be called as “Rose Tint”. Unlike Posietint, which has a thicker and creamier texture, Benetint is completely liquid. Some people say that Benetint is harder to apply compared to the other tints like Posietint, Lollitint and Cha Cha tint, because of its texture, but to me, it’s fine. Just be extra careful when applying because you don’t want the tint to get everywhere on your make up table. It’s not gonna be pretty because I can assure you that this product stains like hell.

20150221_142011You can see that Posietint’s texture is thicker


While Benetint is completely liquid



At first I was scared to put on Lollitint on my cheeks because it’s described as a candy-orchid tint and it looks like a cold-toned purple. But Lollitint turned out to be more complementing than I thought.

The thing I love about Benetint is that it blends into my skin perfectly and gives my skin a very natural flush. The same goes to Posietint and Lollitint. They are definitely smudge-proof, kiss-proof, oil-proof and sweat-proof. And don’t worry, because they won’t magnify the pores like most of the cream blushers (or even powder blushers) do. Just be quick when applying because it stains very fast.


They’re Real Mascara

This is probably one of the most talked-about mascaras in the beauty community. I was really psyched about the mascara even before I bought one. Now that I observed, I think the most unique part about this mascara is its brush. Unlike most of the mascara brushes, this one reaches out to the tiniest eyelashes, and because of the jet-black pigment, it kind of makes eyelashes look thicker. The best part is that it won’t smudge at all.

After a week of using Benefit’s products, there are a few products I’m planning to purchase, including Posietint, Lollitint, Instant Come Back Serum and also POREfessional. I also noticed that there are some really interesting beauty kits offered by Benefit like Feelin’ Dandy, Primping with the Star and How to Look the Best at Everything. And I really want to try Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. So, what do you think?

One Lovely Blog Award + Quick Updates!!!!

onelovelyblogHello, my dear friends! I am finally back again!!!

I am so sorry that it took me so long to response to the “One Lovely Blog Award” nomination, and a special thanks to A Spoonful of Perfectionย for nominating me.I was so surprised when I saw the notification in my inbox! If you have an extra minute, please visit her blog, because it’s truly one lovely blog!

So, here are the 7 facts about me:

1. I write to a local Chinese newspaper regularly. But I feel embarrassed when my article is being published.

2. I really enjoy driving, especially driving alone!!!

3. I don’t want to go out without wearing lipstick.

4. I think I’m an ambivert.

5. Sometimes I just don’t feel like eating at all, but starvation sucks.

6. I need to spend some money or watch a movie after a super hectic day at work.

7. I think I’ll just go to bed after I finished this post. C’mon, it’s almost 11pm here in Malaysia ๐Ÿ˜›

The Rules:

  1. You must thank the person/people who nominated you and leave a link to their blog in your post.
  2. You must add this set of rules so your nominees will know what to do.
  3. You must add 7 facts about yourself in the post.
  4. You must nominate 5 other blogs and leave links to their blogs in the post.
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  6. You must follow the person who nominated you on Bloglovin.

If you are reading this and you have a blog, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are nominated!!!!

So now, a real quick updates before I switch off my laptop and go to bed.

As I was going through my e-mails this morning, I received a news from Makeup Revolution Malaysia that they are finally launching tomorrow!!!! How exciting is that?! I honestly did not expect that Makeup Revolution would be available in Malaysia until they followed me on Instagram. I just can’t wait to try out their products!!!!! By the way, they are currently offering free shipping within Malaysia.

Second of all, I recently received a hand cream gift set by The Face Shop from a friend. I’ve been using the hand cream and I think maybe I should write something about moisturising skin. What do you think?

And, because of the heavy workloads today, I think my brain just decided to stop working. I should probably go to bed now.

I’ll talk to you more in my next post!

Good night =)

Unbox FujiFilm Instax Mini 8!!!!

Happy November, everyone!!!!!

In case you didn’t know, November is my birthday month!!! And I am not afraid to admit that I am one of those people who really love celebrating birthday. I got super super super excited when October ended. Even though I know for a fact that this November is gonna be a very busy month for me. In fact, the past week was already very hectic and stressful. I am really happy and proud that I finished all the works before the deadline.

So when I was busy working in my office, I kept telling myself that I would definitely reward myself with something big and something I’ve been thinking for a very very long time. And I thought of Instax Mini 8 instantly.

I had been thinking and thinking whether I should get the camera since ย 2 years ago. I remember when a Korean tourist asked me to take a polaroid photo for her and her friends using her instant camera in KLCC, I told myself that I was gonna get one but I always hesitated because of the price of the films.

But now that I’ve started working and it’s my birthday month and I hadn’t actually get myself something fancy in the past few years, I decided it was time to spurge a little!

At first I thought of getting one online, because I saw the price in one of the retailers and the price was around MYR350. The camera is only MYR182 on Lazada.Com. I did some research about the website and I found out that a lot of people are giving the website bad reviews. Some people made the payment but they just never receive the things they ordered, or they got the fake one. And then I found out this website called iPmart.Comย which is also selling the camera at MYR189, which was really affordable too. But I just had this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach telling me not to get one online. Maybe I was just too scared. I’ve bought things like clothes, cosmetics, accessories online but I’m just not comfortable with buying electronic gadgets online.

Okay, so now I’m gonna show you the camera I bought yesterday from a photography shop.



It is the FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Gift Pack!!!


It includes one Instax Mini 8 Camera, 3 packs of films and one 2015 calendar. There are only 2 packs of films in the photo because I already inserted one pack in the camera.



And that’s the camera!! ย I bought the yellow one. There are pink, yellow, blue, white and black. I think there are 2 new colors (Raspberry and Grape) coming out, but I’m not sure when will it be available in the market in Malaysia.


This is how it looks like when it’s turned on. See the small button at the side of the lens, that’s the ‘on’ button. There’s no ‘off’ button, you just have to gently push the lens back and it’s off.


As you can see, this is the dial where you can set the aperture. There are 5 modes, including indoor, cloudy, outdoor, sunny and hi-key. The camera itself will sense the lighting of the ambient and it’ll tell you which mode to choose. If you want a really bright photo, you can just choose hi-key.



The number indicates the amount of films you have. And I have 9 left ๐Ÿ™‚



This is the calender included in the gift pack. And I put on the first polaroid I took using the Instax Mini 8 camera. I think I should probably decorate the photo a little.

This is my first camera and I really love it! This is probably not as good as a DSLR, but what I like about this camera is that I can capture a joyous moment and I can instantly have the photo in my hand. With all the photos I’ve taken, I can make a scrapbook or I can just put them on my notice board. And looking at a polaroid just reminds of the days when my father used to take photos for all of us using his old film camera. Seeing a polaroid photo is so nostalgic! I think this is a fun camera for documenting life vintage style.

If you are thinking of getting one, you should know that it probably won’t capture some super high quality photos like the DSLR does, and every photo you take has a price, it needs films to work. This is also why I won’t use it to take photos all the time. I will probably only use it to capture the moments I truly want to preserve.

So, what do you think?