A lot of people say that I have the potential to be a shopaholic, and I kind of agree with that. So, here’s my confession πŸ˜›

I love shopping, very much. Even when I don’t have the money to shop, I’d still love to do window shopping. It makes me feel great, happy and it seems to make the world a little bit better. Looking at nice clothes, beautiful cosmetics, bags, shoes, technically everything helps me to relax. And shopping malls are always so decorated, don’t you think so? Sometimes it’s so beautiful that I don’t feel like leaving that place.

My finances?
Don’t worry, I spent three years in college studying business and accounting. Plus, I have read the shopaholic novels as well as the movie. I’ve also seen people ended up declaring bankruptcy because of card debts. So, I am aware of the horrible consequences of excessive spending. I will never let myself get into those troubles.

I have a very strong passion for fashion and beauty. I really don’t understand why I chose business & accounting over fashion design. On the bright side, I have enough knowledge to be a smart consumer. Budgeting is definitely a very good way to avoid excessive spending and people including my family won’t judge me for going shopping πŸ˜€

Retail Therapy?
I love retail therapy. My friend and I both think that shopping makes things better, and we can always come out with new reason to go shopping. For example, I have to go shopping, because I have this big test coming up this week. And when the test is finally over, we’ll be like “let’s do some celebratory shopping!”

I know it’s not exactly something that I should feel proud of.

So, here’s the truth:

I guess many people can’t deny the fact that shopping helps people to deal with sadness, stress, basically everything bad, TEMPORARY. Of course buying stuff gives satisfaction to people, but how long would it last? Sometimes it’s a few weeks, sometimes it can be just a few hours.

My conclusion, shopping helps dealing with problems temporary, but at the end of the day, we still need to really deal with the problems

Stay Pretty and Be Happy!



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