Things I wish I knew before I dyed my hair red

If you didn’t know yet, I dyed my hair three weeks ago using L’Oreal Paris’ Excellence Fashion Intense Spicy Red. IMG_8706 Of course I didn’t expect my hair would look as red as the model’s. I mean what can I expect from an at-home hair dye? But my hair does look kind of red now, and I personally think that it looks way better than the “default” hair color of most Malaysian-Chinese — coppery brown with a hint of strawberry blonde. Not that I’m against brown hair, but I’m a born brunette, so it doesn’t make any sense for me to dye my hair brown. Since it has been 3 weeks since I dyed my hair now, I thought I would jot down some of the things I wish I knew before I dyed my hair red.

1. My bathroom would look like a murder scene when I was rinsing my hair. But thankfully I managed to clean the bathroom afterwards.

2. Maintaining red hair is extremely DIFFICULT!!!! I should have known better when one of my co-workers dyed her hair purple few days before the Lunar New Year in February and it only lasted for about 5 days. Her hair was completely brown again when I went back to work after my 5 day holidays. But good for me, I read this post on The Beauty Department and also The Dainty Squid, so now I only use cold water to shampoo my hair and I unknowingly joined the “No Poo” trend, or you can say I followed Kim Kardashian.

3. People at your workplace might not take you seriously even though you did spend 4 years of your life studying in one of the finest business schools in the country and you are planning on finishing CIMA! UGHHHHH!

4. Your hair will still bleed a little even though it was already the third wash. (Yup! I have red/pink stains on my white towel.)

5. You dread the day when your red hair fades and turns brown again.

Do I regret dyeing my hair red? NO!!!

Because ever since I dyed my hair red, every time when I walk pass a mirror or basically anything that reflects my hair color, I’ll be like “Damn! Jasmine! You look amazing!”


6 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew before I dyed my hair red

    • Jasmine Chew says:

      Yes!!! I love red hair so much that I think I’ll probably dye my hair red again though it means I’ll have to go through all the same troubles all over again xD

  1. majormakeupmadness says:

    I can related to this so much! I dyed my hair read about 2 years ago, so it doesnt really fade anymore. But yes, if you love your bathroom looking like you’ve massacred about 20 people, red is the colour for you!
    But I love having red hair, I feel so sassy everytime I look in the mirror. 🙂

    • Jasmine Chew says:

      I was thinking maybe I should’ve gone to a professional hairdresser to avoid making a “murder scene bathroom” but I just love doing it myself.

      I love having red hair, I’ll definitely go red again 😀

      • majormakeupmadness says:

        Yeah. I always do it myself, because then I can just wonder round the house while the colour is developing. And it’s 1000 times cheaper too.
        And yey another redhead! 😀 x

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