Guardian Pharmacy — Asian Skin Care Products Haul!!

Hey hey everyone, how was your week? Lucky for me, the past week was actually quite pleasant and I even had time to do some quick shopping.

For those who don’t know, Guardian Pharmacy is one of the biggest pharmacy in Malaysia that caters huge range of of different drug store brands. Normally, my first choice is always Watson’s but this month, a lot of products that I want are on sales in Guardian, and I went there twice.

Now I think I probably won’t have to buy any skin care products in the next 6 months, especially facial cleansers.

The first thing I bought was Bio-essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen Whitening Series.


All of the products are only MYR 165. I know it sounds a little expensive but it’s actually way cheaper than buying them separately. As you can see from the photo, it contains a facial cleanser, whitening advancer, whitening essence, whitening cream and 2 sheets of whitening mask.

Last Christmas I bought their beginner set that includes a travel size facial cleanser, full size whitening advancer and full size whitening cream, and I’ve been using the whitening advancer since this year’s February. At first I thought it was some kind of serum or essence but turns out it’s actually a toner. I was fooled by the gel-like texture!!


And 3 products from Garnier Sakura White Series. I love their moisturizer!!! It’s affordable, effective and most importantly, it feels very comfortable when it’s applied on my face. While the Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum is something I’ve been wanting to try since it was launched. All of the products got 30% off, so the moisturizers are less than MYR 20 each, and the serum is less than MYR 30.


And this is how it looks like. I must say I’m a little disappointed by the plastic bottle. However, I am looking forward to seeing the result.


I am a big fans of Neutrogena Facial Cleanser, but i’ve never tried the facial scrub. I always try to avoid using facial scrub because a lot of people tell me that it could hurt my skin. But when I went to Benefit Boutique in KLCC in January, one of the girls told me that facial scrub helps cleaning pores, eliminating blackheads and she suggested POREfessional to cover up those pores and blackhead. Well, it’s true that POREfessional does an excellent job at covering pores, but it’s not a remedy. So, when I saw Neutrogena on sales in Guardian and a free hydrating mask was given at every purchase of facial scrub, I was sold!


Hada Labo is like the number one brand in Japan, according to the Japanese Magazine I read in the bookstore. I always recommend my friends to try Hada Labo because of all the good reviews I’ve read online as well as magazines, and I’ve seen significant changes of people after using the product. It’s slightly on the expensive side, compared to all the other drugstore products, which is why I always hesitated buying one for myself. But this time, the facial cleanser, including the hydrating toner are only MYR 35++ !!!


Last but not least, Pomegranate Milky Mask by O’slee.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about O’slee, the only reason I was so convinced to buy it was solely because of the packaging 😛 Don’t judge!!

According to the search result from Google, O’slee is the number one skin care brand in Hong Kong and it is highly recommended by the beauty community in Hong Kong. Their brand concept is Smart. Natural. Beauty. They aim for every woman to experience the natural skin care benefits. There are currently 4 series available in Malaysia, including ClearSpa Complete Series, Medi Care Series, Rosehip Series and Skin Meal Series. And right now, I am very interested in the Skin Meal Series.


In short, the milky mask is everything I want for my skin in one bottle!


The milky mask comes with a mini spatula and a cleansing sponge.

I am looking forward to trying this new product and see whether it’s as awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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