NYX & Maybelline lipsticks swatches and reviews!!!!

I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on the NYX butter glosses I bought from Sephora few weeks ago. But almost everything in my life got so busy and messy and now I finally have time to write this post. I’m actually glad that I didn’t post this earlier because I went to Watson’s yesterday and I bought 2 Maybelline lipsticks from their Color Show collection.

To my surprise, there were quite some new products in Watson’s, like Maybelline Color Show nail polish and Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm and some other Taiwanese products like NRK Pineapple Mask are finally available! Technically those are not exactly new products, but they are considered new in Malaysia. (Talk about living in Malaysia)

Anyway, I didn’t buy any of those, because I was in a hurry and I thought I should save some excitement for next time πŸ™‚

Before I go on, I apologize for my imperfect bare face. I actually took some other photos with my make up on the other, but those photos turned out really bad and can’t really see colors on lips. So I went to the backyard this evening for some outdoor lighting, but without any make up on my face. So, if you are not comfortable seeing bare faces, then you probably shouldn’t continue reading.


NYX Butter Gloss: Cherry Cheese Cake and Apple Strudel

I actually wanted to buy 6 colors, but unfortunately, those newer shades are not available in Malaysia yet. *sigh* So I figured that I might as well get 2 shades first and see how it goes.


Let’s talk about the packaging, the container is made of plastic and the color of the packaging is the same color as the lip gloss. It’s very easy to locate them in my cosmetic drawer.


Apple Strudel and Cherry Cheese Cake

It has a very creamy texture, contains no glitter or shimmer at all. I wouldn’t say it’s not sticky at all, but it’s definitely way better than a lot of other lip glosses in the market. It has the perfect stickiness to stay on the lips perfectly but not so sticky that makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s very light weight that it almost feels like a lip balm. I think the best part is that the colors are very vibrant, as you can see from the photo above, and it smells very delicious, a bit like butter cake or Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel candle.


Apple Strudel is very light coral-pink. It’s not exactly an everyday color, but it works that way too. I actually prefer this than nude. It’s very natural yet it gives my lips a little color.


Cherry Cheese Cake is a bright orange shade. I have no idea why NYX named it Cherry Cheese Cake. The color actually reminded me of Carrot Cake and Orange Smoothies. I like it that it’s a bright orange, but it’s very wearable and easy to pull off. It’s not like “BAM!” super bright orange and scares people off. It’s a fun color for almost all skin tones.

Final verdict: Like I said before, the colors are vibrant and semi-opaque. You can choose to wear only the lip gloss and can also apply it on top of lipstick. It doesn’t really accentuate the dry patches, in fact, it kind of moisturising and hydrating. I lips didn’t feel dry at all, and after I removed the lip gloss, my lips felt smooth and kind of buttery. Most importantly, they are very budget-friendly!!! (MYR 22 each) I am definitely going to purchase more!!! My only struggle is that there are too many shades (22 in total) to choose, and they all look very delicious and cute!!!

Next, the Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks.


Maybelline Color Show Lipstick (Orange Icon and Pink Paradise)

The packaging is very simple. It’s just a black plastic case, with a little bit of color at the middle. I do like it that the color at the middle is somewhat similar with the lipstick inside.

According to the Maybelline Malaysia’s website, the Color Show Lipstick contains 4 categories, red. pink, plum and nude to compliment all types of skin tones.

To be honest, I was quite excited when I saw them in Watson’s; all of the colors looked very vibrant and price is surprising cheap (MYR16.11) compared to the Color Sensational Collection by Maybelline.


Pink Paradise and Orange Icon

When I first heard of Color Show, I was expecting some really fun and outrageous colors (think neon). Thus I was sort of disappointed when I saw them in the store. Anyway, I was able to pick 2 shades. I was actually considering getting another pink shades called Party Pink (very bright pink), but I already own many pink lipsticks. It’s time to try some other shades other than pink.

The texture is very creamy, very easy to put on and it contains a little bit of micro shimmer. It is not a matte lipstick, quite pigmented but not as opaque as the Color Sensational lipsticks.


Orange Icon

At first I really thought Orange Icon would be a very bright orange, but it’s actually more like a coral-red shade. It’s still a pretty color, but it’s just not as bright as I thought it would be.


Pink Paradise

I like Pink Paradise!! It is pink with a hint of berry and mauve. It is very natural, I’ll probablyΒ wear it to work. I think the only thing it that it contains micro shimmer.

Final Verdict: I’m not going to say that they are a must try products, but it’s pretty good. I mean what else can I complain at a price of MYR16.11? It is hydrating, and the pigmentation is not bad, just don’t compare them to the Color Sensational lipsticks. It lasted for around 3 hours, but when it left a beautiful stain on my lips when it was fading away. Overall, I think they are considered good.

So I was trying to enhance Orange Icon on my lips, I applied another layer of Cherry Cheese Cake.


But I don’t think it looks good.

So, what do you think? Feel free to leave me a comment πŸ™‚

Good night and have a fun weekend!


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