NYX Lips Products Swatches & Review!!!

First of all, I am so sorry that I’ve been abandoning this blog for so so so so so long. Was always going to write something, but I procrastinated. I am so sorry. My bad 😦

So now I have a lot of pending posts to be finished and posted. Hopefully I’ll start doing it next week. Stay tuned!

Recently, I just purchased a few lip products from NYX. I was going to share about my first experience of buying things from the US, but I figured it would be a lame story. Anyway, I was so happy because the products were really cheap yet with awesome quality! And I have to say that they are now my favorites and I think I’ll be buying more and more from NYX.

Here’s the photo.


From left to right
Soft Matte Lip cream in Ibiza and Monte Carlo, Matte Lipstick in Street Cred, Butter Lipstick in Hunk and Little Susie

Honestly, I really like the packaging, although they don’t look expensive, and they are really not expensive! Especially the lipsticks, the Matte Lipstick has a black case but it has a transparent part, so we don’t have to open every single lipsticks we have just to find the color we want. While the case of the butter lipstick has the same color as the lipstick, which I find it very cute and interesting.


From left to right
Little Susie, Hunk, Street Cred, Monte Carlo and Ibiza

You can tell from the photo that the Butter Lipstiecks are not very pigmented, even though I did like at least 4 swipes, while the matte lipstick and soft matte lip creams are all very pigmented, and I only did 1 swipe.


This is Little Susie. According to NYX’s website, Little Susie is a deep pink with a yellow undertone. As I mentioned earlier, it is not very pigmented, but it’s buildable. I think it’s not a bad choice for those who wants to start wearing a bright but wearable lip color.


This is hunk, a very beautiful violet. Don’t be scared by the case and also the color. It’s actually not that crazy, as you can see from the photo. It looks a bit pink on the first swipe, but after a couple more swipes, it became more like a purple/violet with a slightly red undertone. And I absolutely love this color, even more than I like Little Susie!

Final verdict: I think Butter Lipstick is not really the best product of NYX. It’s not really pigmented or long lasting, but it’s definitely comfortable to wear. It’s light weight, I don’t feel oily or sticky and it’s definitely dry lips friendly. It’s probably one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’d ever used, even better than the Revlon colorburst lip butter. The Revlon lip butter has micro glitter in it and it feels a bit thick on the lips but this one has no glitter at all! My lips won’t look oily nor feel oily at all!


This is Matte Lipstick in Street Cred. It’s very pigmented and opaque, it’s very creamy for a matte lipstick. I like this raspberry pink! It’s bright but not too bright. I was always hesitated to wear a matte lipstick because I was afraid that it might accentuate the dry patches and it might not be comfortable to wear. But NYX totally changed my mind! It’s creamy so it’s not harsh on my lips but it does accentuate the dry patches a little. I’d suggest you to exfoliate and moisturise the lips before applying it. But personally, I don’t really like a matte finish. I’d prefer a smooth finish like the butter lipstick does.


This is the Soft Matte Lip cream in Ibiza. It’s supposed to be a deep rose with warm undertone. But it always looks more like a pink on my lips. I’d personally suggest people to get this than the matte lipstick. Lip creams are way easier to apply. At first I thought it might be the same as the The Face Shop’s lip stain I got from my friends. Because I just couldn’t imagine how a lip cream would look like. But turns out, NYX’s lip cream is way awesome then the lip stain. It smells like a delicious vanilla cookie, unlike the lip stain, which smells and tastes like some weird berry-like chemical.


And this is Soft Matte Lip cream in Monte Carlo. This color is just amazing!!! It’s like a dark red, but it’s not like a vampy dark. It’s very lady-like and it Β instantly makes you look more sophisticated. I guess this is the main reason I always prefer a perfect red lips.

Final Verdict:Β Lip creams are super awesome!!! It’s very creamy, non-sticky, long-lasting and it will not dry out the lips. One thing about the lip cream is that it takes a few minutes to dry after applied. And after that, the color can lasts for hours even if I ate or drank. Most importantly, it is budget friendly!! Even students can afford it.

So that’s about it. Thank you for reading and enjoy the weekend πŸ™‚

Hasta la vista!


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