Oreo Milk Ice Cubes!!!



You can’t possibly imagine how much I missed my blog!!!!

The previous week was totally crazy. I didn’t even have time to really read or just watch a movie 😦

I guess the only two things I did that made me truly happy was that I finally got  a new haircut and I trimmed my own side swept bangs.

I know I could have just asked the hairdresser to cut for me, but I just love doing it myself. It doubled up the fun!!

So, how was your week? 🙂

Now let’s just go back to the topic. I think it was last week, the weather was so hot that I wanted to have something cold. And one of my friends posted this on Facebook. I was like “This sounds fun, let’s try it!”

Disclaimer: This is a very unhealthy snack, if you only love healthy food, you can just leave 🙂



The photo says everything. Just crumbled up your oreo cookies and put them into the ice tray.



Again, the photos says everything xD
Just fill in the ice tray with milk, instead of plain water, and then just put them into the freezer and freeze.

I’m sorry for the low quality photos, you can click here to go to the website where I learnt this food hack.

My friend who did it actually put the ice cubes into the hot coffee, but I didn’t try that, instead, I just eat it as it is.

Speaking of unhealthy lifestyle/diet. Apparently a lot of girls find it hard to be honest about their not-so-healthy diet. There are even people lied about their diet just to “look better” in front of people.

Honestly, I just don’t see a point of lying about diet. The people around you will eventually find out your diet habit, right?

So, I’m going to be very honest here, I’m never a very healthy person. In fact, a lot of my favourite foods are actually very unhealthy. For example, fried chicken. And I think this is never a secret, because all of my friends know that.

I don’t feel guilty for eating fried chicken, because I don’t eat it on a daily basis, not even monthly basis. I love it doesn’t mean I have to have it everyday. Having fried chicken every single day is too much and it’s kinda scary.

Now, one last question before I head to bed. Do you think I should really get the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow?

I just can’t make up my mind 😥

Good night ❤


One thought on “Oreo Milk Ice Cubes!!!

  1. Sara says:

    What else are these oreo cubes good in besides coffee? I’m racking my brain trying to come up with other ideas, but so far can only think of milk or a milk shake maybe….idk….any suggestions???

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