Five Outfits, Five Styles



Hello, my dear readers ❀

How was the past week? I hope every one of you had fun! Mine was really busy, but I guess I’m getting used to this busy working life. The colleagues are really friendly, I love the artistic working environment, and I actually love my job.

I think the only thing I don’t really like is that I can’t just go wherever I want, whenever I want like I used to.


Anyway, Β I put together five different outfits, and I actually tried to make each of them look a little different.


Casual and Free

I think it is perfect for a little girls day out, and when you just don’t feel like wearing something too dressy.

The blouse has been in my closet forever, and honestly I was kind of afraid to wear it, because of the small floral prints. But it’s actually not that bad, and I really like it when it’s an outerwear. As for this outfit, I just put a red crop top in it and pair it with some denim shorts and high top converse.



I think this is good for a college student. Because it’s really proper and I don’t know why it just looks nerdy to me, but in a good way πŸ˜›

The collared shirt is actually sleeveless, and I just add a yellow cardigan to make this outfit more colorful, and I love cat. Everything in the photo is from H&M. Don’t ask me why, H&M is my favourite place, I love their style and the clothes are affordable! So, why not πŸ˜€



This is something I’d definitely wear. It is cute and comfortable. I actually almost forgotten that I have this polka dots T-shirt in my closet. And I love the red pants. I’m sure you have one of those days when you just don’t feel like wearing the thick and tight jeans. I as you can tell, I really love my high top converse. It makes me feel like wearing heels to the office is a torture.


The Girl Next Door

I honestly do not know what is this. I like the cute version of polo shirt and I like the red floral skirt. I wondered how it will look like if I put them together. So… don’t judge me …..


Simple & Girlish

The last one, simple & girlish.

This is something I’d wear when I’m having a family dinner or outing. The blouse is really simple, but has a little ruffles details, and skirt is just some simple skater skirt I got from H&M. I think the heels are actually optional. But sometimes, I will feel like wearing high heels to make me feel a little more lady like πŸ˜›

So, that’s all for today. It’s like 11pm here in Malaysia and I’m sleepy.

Good night and have a legendary weekend πŸ™‚




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