I want a lazy weekend!!

lazy weekendΒ Weekend was not such a big deal to me until I started working.

Last Thursday, my colleagues were all discussing how they were going to spend their weekends, and I was like, “you know what, I think I’m going to just stay at home and be super unproductive.” And they were all like “WHAT?! You can’t be serious!”

Actually I was really serious. One thing I miss about college life is that I got to spend almost every Saturday in my dorm by just doing some laundries, cleaning the room, listening to my “lazy day music playlist” and have movie or series marathon. Those days were awesome! I’m not saying that I hate going out having fun with friends. What I’m saying is that, sometimes my mind needs rest, I only want to things that don’t require me to think. Okay, that sounds really weird and lazy πŸ˜› Here are something I’d do during a lazy weekend. Chick-flicks-on-the-photography-blog_008 1. Movie/series marathon. Okay, I have to admit that I really love watching movies and series. One time in college, I literally just spent a whole Saturday watching 2 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Another time, I Googled the must-watch chick flick list, and I watched every single movie on that list.Β 


2. Cleaning my room while listening to my “lazy day music playlist” I made myself a few different music playlists on Spotify. One of them called “Lazy Day” and I love playing it while I’m cleaning my room. It is one of the best ways to distress myself, and I always feel way better after that.


3. Apply lotion all over my body or enjoy a facial mask session
I’m not sure whether it’ll be weird if I said I love the texture and the smell of lotion. I even have a small bottle of lotion at my office. I always apply a small amount of lotion on my palms whenever I think my skin is too dry or when I feel stress. It works all the time!


4. Have some comfort food
I love eating!!! My comfort food include all dairy products, apple pie, meat pie, fried chicken, etc
Basically all unhealthy. C’mon! Who says we have to be perfect all the time. We can lose a little control once a while, it won’t hurt πŸ™‚
I just had fast food and ice cream on Thursday night and I felt good. We really don’t have to be so pull together all the time.

5. Read good books
I love reading. It calms my mind, and it gives me extra space to imagine. The two books that I’m currently reading is “Life Without Limits” by Nick Vujicic and “The Wedding Girl” by Sophie Kinsella.
Nick Vujicic is an inspirational and his life itself is an amazing testimony. I am very encouraged by his book and his words!

6. Have a good sleep
Sleeping is very important to me now. Sometimes all I need is not fancy dinner, pretty dress or perfect manicure, but just a good sleep. I even started to turn off my phone before I sleep. Because sometimes those notifications and messages are just too distractive!

Speaking of which, I really need to go bed now. Good night, and have a lazy weekend πŸ™‚


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