My handbag beauty essentials


Thank God it’s finally weekend!!!

Now that I have started working, my time is not as flexible as it used to be 😦 And it also means that I have to change my make up routine a little bit as well as my handbag beauty essentials.

Pressed powder: There is no way I’m going to bring my liquid foundation to the office. So, I bring a pressed powder instead. And it comes with a small mirror.

Blusher: Maybe it’s because of my skin tone, sometimes I can look very pale. I always need to apply a little bit of blusher on my cheekbone to give my face a healthy glow.

Pencil eyeliner: I prefer liquid eyeliner, but a pencil one is more natural. And for some reasons, the NYX pencil eyeliner makes me don’t feel like using other eyeliners I have.

Lip gloss: I don’t normally wear lip gloss, because I always think that lip stick is so much awesome than lip gloss. Now I just use my lip gloss when I want to do a little touch up after lunch hour. The one I’m using now is from Rimmel, it smells like watermelon and I like it.

Mascara: It makes my eyes look bigger and my lashes look fuller.

Concealer: Obviously, I use it to conceal my dark circles, and some other flaws.

Cream Gel Eye shadow: I have a lot of eye shadow palette, but right now, my favourite is Color Tattoo Cream Gel shadow. The color I’ve been using is 35 Tough as Taupe, it is a very beautiful and natural grey color. It gives my eyes stronger definition.

Lipsticks: I love lipsticks and even when I don’t feel like wearing make up, I will still apply lipstick. I always have 2 different lipsticks in my bag. It is just a little habit of mine and I haven’t found the one lipstick that is good for every occasions.
Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart. It is very buttery and very moisturising.
ZA Pure Shine Lips in Lady Red. Though it is a red lip stick, but the color is not very solid. I think it’s very good to wear it work or to school.

So, those are my handbang beauty essentials. I think it will change from time to time and I am ought to change my daily makeup routine. The current one is just too boring.

However, I don’t think I will make any changes at the moment. I’m still observing the office culture of the company. I think it’s best for me to keep everything simple right now.

Enjoy the weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “My handbag beauty essentials

  1. lanajabar says:

    Love this post! I love the maybelline pressed powder. And yes! especially for work where I don’t feel like having heavy makeup 🙂

    • Jasmine Chew says:

      Thank you for reading, Lana 🙂
      I think dramatic make up good for a night out, but when I’m in the office, I’d prefer to keep everything simple. Especially those day when I’m running late 😛

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