Outfit of the Week!!

Outfit of the weekHello, my dear readers πŸ™‚

How was Valentine’s Day? I’m sure a lot of you had a lot of fun! Well, all I did was just staying Β at home, bathing my dog, watching some of my favourite movies. Do tell me how you spent your Valentine’s Day, I’ll be very happy to know that!

So, here are the outfits I wore in the Valentine’s Week.


On Monday, my family and I went to visit my great-grandma. I wanted to dress a little bit more girlish but still wanted to keep it casual.

I chose my H&M floral skater skirt and wear it with a simple pink T-shirt. The shoes is actually the lace sneakers I bought last year from H&M. I’m still loving it!!

Really love the floral skater skirt. It is actually very versatile and not very boring.

I was kind of regret wearing this outfit because we ended up went to a restaurant for family dinner. This outfit is actually not very suitable for a dinner to me. Anyway, the most important thing is that all of us had a very wonderful night πŸ™‚


For Tuesday’s outfit, I kept it really simple and comfortable, because I just stayed home and watched some nice movies with my mom.

The Minnie Mouse T-shirt is actually quite long and a little bit over-sized. And that’s exactly the reason I bought it at the first place. I remember I was looking for something extra comfortable but cute and I saw this T-shirt. It is from Uniqlo. The pink shorts is from Forever 21.

I wore my high top converse when I went out.





I had a short driving lesson with my dad on Wednesday. The weather was getting hotter and I decided to wear something sleeveless.

The top was bought by my mom from Hush Puppies. The white shorts is from Padini. Β I remember I was just wearing my slippers and I took them out when I was driving.

I didn’t know driving with bare foot was so relaxing until I tried doing it myself. And for the first time, I was allowed to drive the car back home.


I had a job interview on Thursday. I wasn’t really sure how the office culture was, but I was certain that I would not wear the button up shirt and the black pencil skirt.

After spending some time in my closet, I decided to wear my Cotton On white lace dress and a coral blazer which is also from Cotton On.

I actually wore the dress with a red skinny belt from Hush Puppies, but I’ve forgotten to put take its photo. I was wearing a black Mary Janes.

The interview went well, though the HR manager sort of asked me quite some weird questions. They called me the next day and told me that I got the job. So, I will probably start working on the coming Wednesday. Wish me luck πŸ™‚

T20140129_030503-1GI Friday!!! I went out with my family to do some grocery shopping. Yes, the weather was still hot, but the was no way I would wear a tank top and go out. Plus, the shopping mall is air-conditioned!!Β 

The tank top is from Uniqlo, the plaid shirt is from Goggles and my pants is from Garage.

Guess what I was wearing? Haha! The same high top converse again.

I really love the high top converse, it’s very comfortable and versatile. I think I will probably get myself another pair πŸ˜›

It’s 2.30 am here, and I’m super sleepy xD Good night, everyone.Β 

Have a great weekend!


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